Love in the time of Corona

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The release of Gratitude in January feels like another century but it's only - what? - 12 weeks ago? So much has changed and so many more things of immense life-changing importance have taken place.

With everybody isolating themselves to keep themselves and others safe, it is great that there are some new things making their way into people's lives for entertainment, inspiration and comfort. I had intended to release my second single, The Sound Of Heartbreak, in recent weeks but circumstances have interfered. My thanks to those lovely souls who have sent messages and texts to ask about it! From the depths of his self-isolating hideout, my producer, songwriting partner (Gratitude), ideas machine and good mate, Sean Hurley, is making the most of things by working with what he has to hand. A significant chunk of our files are in his studio on the far-flung outskirts of the city, quite some distance beyond the permitted 2 kilometer cordon sanitaire. But Sean is building a new backing track for one of the album tracks, and is tinkering about with any other tracks he can reach.

It's a weird time. Businesses are struggling terribly. It would be great if we could continue to support as many as possible online. Let's all recommend music and books and recipes and films and ideas to each other. We're all a community now - not rivals, not competitors. Check out each other's work, give them a shout-out. Imagine if a novelist introduced you to new music? Or a guitarist pointed you to a great book?

My big-hearted friend, Patricia Scanlan, has just dashed off another fabulous new bestseller, The Liberation of Brigid Dunne

Eden's beautiful new single, Living Room

Gavin Murphy Songs's latest fantastic single What Am I Doing Here?

Emilene Stafford's gorgeous eaterie, Merry's Gastropub, Dungarvan

Neil Hegarty's beautiful novel, The Jewel

Graeme Coughlan's fab photography (he shot/directed the video for Gratitude and did my headshots)

Kathleen Turner is the only one on this list that I don't know in real life, but I recently became obsessed with her Like A Lion album

Kim Hurley is a wonderful painter

Her cousin, Anne Bryony, is brilliant singer songwriter

I met Adrian+Shane several years ago and their glamorous pop art is as much fun as they are

Gavin's outrageously talented son, Daragh, HAS to be checked out

My old friend, Eibhear Walshe, wrote this lovely novel, The Trumpet Shall Sound

My "cousin in law" Seán O'Farrell is a popular country music singer and songwriter. If you miss his nightly postings on Facebook, check out his music here

If you've read earlier entries on this blog, you'll remember that Oonagh Monahan is a former bandmate of mine. Now she's a food scientist and has written a book to help people interested in setting up a food business

Those of you of a more spiritual leaning might appreciate these books: - Mary Helen Hensley's Understanding is the New Healing

- Aiden Storey's book Angels of the Divine Light is a fascinating memoir

Valerie Vetter was already great fun, but now she has designed a brilliant range of must-have accessories for a home that values style

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