The big WHY?

Album, you say?  Yes, my first album.  Those of you who have endured my musical witterings for donkey's years will be aware that, despite several attempts - including a couple of near misses with record companies - I have never managed to release an album.  Over the years, songs emerged on compilation CDs of unsigned artists but there were no proper releases.

After all these years of inactivity (I actually hung up my microphone in 1997), I decided to scratch the persistent itch by recording an album.  Work is nearing completion.  It has proven to be a slow process, hampered by a number of issues beyond my control but it is actually happening.

You might wonder why someone who could't get arrested with his previous musical efforts would do this. These songs have been around for a while and I felt the time was right to dust them down and send them off to fend for themselves in the world. I chose ten songs that work well together as a set.  There are many more that will have to continue to languish on the shelf. Some of them are great tunes but they just don't fit with the others.

This project is all about the songs and what they mean to me. If it sells, great. What matters (to me) is that I have been part of a process that squares a circle. To some extent, it finishes something that I started a long time ago. I am aiming for a sense of closure and fulfillment.

I've been involved all the way through. I've written or co-written all of the material and got involved to a reasonable extent in arrangements and production. I designed and produced the artwork. My good mate and colleague Seán Hurley is producing and engineering. He comes from a dyed-in-the-wool rock background and is kindly exiting his comfort zone for this gig.

It's been a slow but enjoyable start but the end is in sight. I can't wait!

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