H O M E T I M E  is the name under which Dubliner Tony Kavanagh releases music. A range of songwriting partnerships over the years has seen him amass a diverse back catalogue of songs, some of which form the basis of debut album, PAST IMPERFECT.  Seven of the ten songs were co-written with former bandmate, Gavin Murphy.  HOMETIME's forthcoming album is rooted firmly in pop territory, heavy on the electronics.

     " With a name as common as mine, I knew I'd need to create a clearer identity.
      HOMETIME seemed like a fair option: it kinda suggests a band or a collective 
      and, for me, music has always been a collaborative endeavour.

      Gavin and I started writing together ages ago. We really clicked. He's a terrific
      guitarist, but the way I approached our songs for this album is very electronic.
      They're light years from the songs' organic roots. But it's a testament to the 
      songs that they adapt so well to different genres."

The set is rounded off with two self-penned numbers, and another  - the lead single, GRATITUDE -  is co-written with producer, Sean Hurley.

     " GRATITUDE's dance pop style will probably surprise  Sean's crew. He's a rock 
      guitarist, but kindly left his comfort zone for this project. Everything was 
      recorded and mixed in his studio -- Little Bear, in Dublin. Because we had to
      work on each other's downtime, we got to relax and try different things out. " 

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